Shingo Nakamura is Glowing – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

Tokyo-based DJ and producer Shingo Nakamura started creating when he was in high school after listening to BT’s E.C.S.M. album. When he reached college, he was uploading songs to Myspace (remember that?) and soon afterwards he was contacted by Silk Digital (now called Monstercat Silk). His brand of “melodic, progressive house with hints of piano” is really catching on globally, and also in his home town.

Recently, I feel young DJs and producers based in Tokyo are really active,” he says. “Especially tracks by Pharien, Shadw, and Soda Sphere are amazing quality. When it comes to the progressive house scene in Tokyo, to be honest, it’s not a big market, but it has a strong following. Anjunadeep’s release party in Tokyo, which was my last DJ event before the pandemic, had a really large crowd. I sometimes hang out with DJs who come to town from abroad, and many of them say they love the crowds in Tokyo. Due to the pandemic though, clubs in Tokyo are currently not allowed to open late at night. There are many good venues and artists here so I look forward to it being crowded again with many people.”

Both the new single and forthcoming album are called Glow, something Nakamura started working on back in 2016.

“During that time I was going through a lot,” he says. “I named the album Glow because I wanted it to be full of hope. I hope the album has the same effect on listeners and gives them some hope, too.”

In addition to the June release of the album, the artist is working on new singles and remixes.

Once the pandemic calms down a bit, I’d like to start DJing and hosting parties again!”

Shingo Nakamura’s “Glow” single is out now.