Smle Eternally with Miami Duo – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

Smle Eternally with Miami Duo: Miami electronic music duo smle (Ruben Cardenas and Lewis Martinee) have been writing and making music their whole lives.

“[We] got deeper into production around late 2010,” they say. “It got serious probably sometime into our college years, circa 2013 or 2014, but we always knew this was the path we’d go down.”

The pair met in 2008, and formed smle in 2014. They describe their sound as electronic/pop with elements of r&b, indie, metal and reggaeton.

“Not that smle music necessarily has literal metal or reggaeton elements to it, but more so is an example of the variety of styles we draw inspiration from,” they say.

Their latest single is “Eternal” with Athena.

“‘Eternal’ has been a way to bridge the gap between the gaming and music worlds,” they say. “We’ve never really seen anyone pair up with a content creator of any game to make music specifically for that game and it’s been really cool to see the worlds collide! Since Athena is one of the most known Rocket League content creators and this song was heavily inspired by it, we found it fitting to base the theme of the video around cars!”

“We’ve been producing a lot of other artists’ music both domestically and internationally so definitely a lot more of that,” they say. “As far as our artist project goes, more singles are coming and hopefully we can get back on the road soon! We’ve been focusing on a lot of gaming-infused content on Twitch and YouTube lately which has been an absolute blast.”

Smle Eternally with Miami Duo: The “Eternal” single with Athena is out now.