OBLVYN Studies Dream Theory – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

OBLVYN Studies Dream Theory: Canadian DJ and producer OBLVYN started producing electronic music in 2016.

“I dabbled in recording for a few years before that but the more I started learning about synths and using them in my compositions, I felt a strong pull toward going fully electronic,” she says. “It became my main focus with music around 2017 when I graduated from music school and decided to start releasing music as OBLVYN.”

Regarding her sound, she says that she primarily focusses on melodic dubstep and future bass.

“Depending on the song you might notice elements of pop, DnB, glitch-hop, etc,” she says. “I tend to get inspiration from different types of music and they end up finding their way into my music. I love writing songs that are high energy but also dynamic, like a sonic adventure, each song has its own storyline.”

“‘Planet Eternium’ was written around this time last year,” she says. “It’s my first DnB release and 2nd single from my EP, Dream Theory. I wrote it about the abstract and surreal world I sometimes experience in my dreams. Where everything you recognize is slightly off from ordinary. From the color of the sky to defying the laws of physics… Stuff like that I guess you could say is out of this world.”

The EP drops on November 5, and the artist is super excited to finally get it out there.

“I spent the whole year creating this project to portray concepts and my experiences with dreams,” she says. “Expect to be transported to new realms, or maybe one you’ve seen before. And keep an eye out for some online performances!”

OBLVYN Studies Dream Theory: The “Planet Eternium” single is out now. The Dream Theory EP is out November 5.