ARMNHMR are Saving Lives – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

ARMNHMR are Saving Lives: The two men of ARMNHMR — Joseph Chung  and Joseph Abella — say that they both started producing roughly around 2011-2012 while both were finishing up college.

“While that project didn’t initially work out, ARMNHMR officially began in 2013,” they say. “We spent the next several years making music and opening up for various DJs all throughout Los Angeles until we landed our first agency signing in 2017. Since then we’ve never looked back!”

They don’t like to pigeonhole their sound but say that, at their core, they’re melodic.

“We’re constantly evolving our palette while maintaining that foundational idea of having melodies being the driving force,” they say.

Their new single is “Saving Lives.”

“There was definitely tons of personal experience that went into writing the song,” they say. “‘Saving Lives’ is a song that deals with the struggles of unrequited love. It deals with unreciprocated relationships and the heavy weight it takes to maintain. Sometimes love burns out, and the song deals with how easy it is to lose yourself feeling responsible for saving others. We wrote the song during the first few months of the pandemic and had to mainly work remotely with Bella. Since shows were temporarily halted, we decided to approach the track initially with a simple guitar melody and backing keys that you hear in the intro. I guess after that you can say the rest is history!”

Looking ahead, ARMNHMR has a huge North American tour booked for 2o22.

“We’ll be touring around the US and Canada starting next January 2022,” they say. “It’ll be our biggest tour to date because we’ll be playing in some of the biggest venues we’ve ever played in. The entire tour will be wrapped around our EP coming out on Monstercat. What’s cool about this tour is we’ll be able to showcase our entire EP plus some extra unreleased gems.”

ARMNHMR are Saving Lives: ARMNHMR’s “Saving Lives” single is out now.