House DJ BOMBAYS is Alluring with New Single – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

House DJ BOMBAYS is Alluring: L.A.-based artist BOMBAYS started DJ-ing during his senior year of college with some of his buddies for frat parties. He had a blast, and knew then that he wanted to pursue music.

“After I graduated in 2016, I applied to Icon Collective, a music producing school in L.A. Then made the move down here to fully commit and start my journey as a producer,” he says. “After I finished Icon, I spent a year just grinding away at demos to really hone in on my sound. Then I launched BOMBAYS in March of 2019.”

BOMBAYS describes his sounds rooted in house and tech music.

“However, I don’t set limits for myself when I’m starting a new record,” he says. “I like to see what inspires me at that moment then go from there. The goal for my sound is to be raw and stripped back while providing an alluring and sexy listening experience. I try and really push myself on every new record that I work on, it’s important to continuously improve. This is also translated into my aesthetic as well. I really like to connect all aspects of the project together, from the music, to the branding, to the merch.”

Despite the ongoing pandemic, BOMBAYS believes this is a healthy time for electronic music in L.A. — the music is always changing and growing.

“It’s really awesome to be in L.A. and experience the diversity in music that this city has to offer,” he says. “There are so many talented artists that I discover everyday, which keeps me inspired and working. I’m really stoked for this summer, with clubs and festivals opening around the corner. It’s going to create a lot of opportunities for new artists to stand out.”

His new single is “ALLURE,” which he says is inspired by his love for house music.

“‘ALLURE’ is a record built around groove and finesse – from the hypnotique vocal to the driving bassline – I wanted to create something to keep listeners dancing through the night,” he says.

Looking ahead in 2021, BOMBAYS says that he has much planned.

“I’m very stoked on the releases that are set to come out in 2021–several amazing singles, in addition to a brand new EP as well,” he says. “Right now we are working on finding the right time to debut the first live show, so stay tuned!”

House DJ BOMBAYS is Alluring: The “Allure” single is out now.