Women Business Leaders: Lynn Jochim – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版
Every once in a while, a role model emerges that takes root in their given industry, sure to be looked up to and admired for years to come. In the world of development and beyond, Lynn Jochim is that role model. 

As the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of FivePoint Holdings, LLC, Jochim oversees the operations and execution of land development plans and entitlements of the Southern California branch. Given that FivePoint is one of the largest developers of mixed-use communities in coastal California – responsible for icons like the Great Park Neighborhood, OC’s Great Park, and now Valencia (formerly Newhall Ranch) – her responsibilities are no small task. 

She’s hit so many milestones already. In fact, her Valencia project is groundbreaking, on track to become the most sustainable master planned community of its size in the nation, with zero net greenhouse gas emissions. Coming from a background in agriculture and sustainability – she grew up helping out on the family farm in Central California – this is an achievement that means a lot. 

“It’s a respect for the land and a respect for nature,” she explains. “It is pretty magical to be a part of. I know we all feel this responsibility that it’s really about us being stewards of the land and stewards of the environment.”

With so many goals realized, what other accomplishments does she look forward to?

“Ones I don’t know yet,” Jochim answers. “Because it always seems like I could never guess what that next step or stage is going to be. And so, I don’t know what they are.”

One of her greatest joys has been the Orange County Great Park, and she loves to see what it’s become. “It’s the greatest compliment of all, that people find it a wonderful place to gather,” she tells us, after having worked so hard to design and build it. 

When it comes to opportunities and challenges, Jochim has this philosophy: “We can control our own destiny by being open to it and being respectful of those around us.”

“I think sometimes the greatest example of what you would say your ‘opportunities and challenges’ are, is how you see your own children deal with issues,” she continues. “Both my girls, neither one of them see their gender as an obstacle, or a challenge, or an opportunity. They just see themselves as having opportunities as humans, being able to go and explore the world.”

A strong mother and a strong leader, Jochim is thankful for her mentors and colleagues for making work such an enjoyable and productive space. “We are all part of a group that’s doing great things,” she says. 

From managing her team through a pandemic, to leading the development of iconic communities, Jochim has a lot of wisdom to share. Her advice to young professionals? 

“Always be comfortable asking questions,” she advises. “I know I ask a million questions. … I ask questions all the time. And I think that young people need to ask questions. They need to make sure that they’re experiencing life for themselves, feeling comfortable about what they’re experiencing and finding a group they can share those experiences with. Because it is from experience that you’re going to find opportunity.”