Southern California Women of Industry – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版
Throughout Southern California, female leaders of industry are taking the professional world by storm. Powerful role models, these women in business have risen to the top of their career fields through hard work, grit and determination. 


No matter your gender, the following stories of achieved dreams and the roads that led them there will serve as inspiration in a time where motivation may feel stagnant. While success may be hard-won, these 10 incredible women prove that the endeavor to do so is always worth the effort. 

Here are L.A. Weekly’s Top Women in Business 2020: 

Jessica Hall – Entrepreneur, Influencer, Podcaster
Neferteri Plessy – Founder of Elevated Strategist
Diana Madison – CEO of Diana Madison Beauty
Lynn JochimChief Operating Officer and Vice President of FivePoint Holdings, LLC
Jennifer Schwab Wangers – Founder and CEO of ENTITY Academy
Lesley Brog – Founder and CEO of Wags and Walks
Meg Gill – Founder of Golden Road Brewing