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Neferteri Plessy knows a little something about manifesting. She set her heart on building an incredible life for herself and her family, and she’s done that and so much more. 

“I’m the founder of Elevated Strategist, an agency with expertise in digital audience development and strategy, including the cultivation and management of digital marketing campaigns, brand identity, social media marketing, public relations strategies as well as the production of live digital events,” establishes Neferteri. 

Accurately described as a trailblazer, she’s the single mom of two boys who decided it wasn’t good enough to just make sure her boys had everything they needed, but that all single mom families got a boost. 

I’m also the founder and CEO of Single Moms Planet (SMP), a 501(c)(3) non-profit established to educate, empower and uplift single mothers and their children,” she continues. “Through SMP, I developed cutting-edge programming, events and resources focused on financial literacy and business development for single moms. Each year, SMP impacts over 10,000 single mom families nationwide.”

If it wasn’t already clear, Neferteri is a powerhouse. Speaking to her is like jumping into an alpine lake, she leaves you feeling awake, alive and ready to climb mountains using the paths she worked so hard to forge for you. 

Like Jessica, her early career was shaped by co-hosting reality television, acting and modeling. Her talent for the latter caught the eye of the – at the time – ubiquitous Playboy, for whom she appeared as Ms. July 2000. 

“Since high school, I had an entrepreneurial and free spirit which led to me always wanting to be my own boss,” she explains. “I knew early on that pursuing my passions professionally was what I needed to do to truly be happy. My passions led me to travel around the world right out of high school. This is where I learned how business and money worked. In the middle of that, I had two beautiful sons and then a divorce.”

A divorce at a young age would leave many stuck in the ground, but it seemed to do the opposite for Neferteri. Instead of drowning in sorrow, uncertainty and fear, she became galvanized by those same negative emotions to ensure stability for herself personally and professionally. 

“Around that time, when I was determining what my next steps in life would be, I saw through my own experiences the need for educating, uplifting and empowering single moms. Taking all that I had learned and been exposed to in business, I then dedicated myself to finding a way to help other single moms. That is when I founded Single Moms Planet,” she tells us. “In addition to SMP, I  established a successful business which focused on the marketing needs of companies and individuals in various industries, including in real estate, law, finance, medical, beauty and a variety of other industries. My company, Elevated Strategist, was born out of the years I devoted to that marketing business.”

Being a female business owner and entrepreneur isn’t easy, especially in a fast-paced city like Los Angeles where one false step can have you back at square one.

“Creating a world for my voice to be known and heard has been my biggest challenge being a woman in business,” confides Neferteri. “There have been times when male colleagues try to talk over me and create an environment where they dominate the room. I allow it, only to create a space where they wear themselves out.” 

As clever as she is beautiful, Neferteri knows how to play the game. But no matter how skilled one is at business, 2020 has been a difficult year. What professional lessons has she learned? 

“The power of being able to pivot and reinvent myself, my brand, my business and my family at any moment has been my greatest professional lesson of 2020,” she answers. “I also discovered there is no room for the concept of remaining stuck. The companies and business owners that remained flexible through 2020 have seen an increase in business, sales and customer retention.”

Her current projects include working closely with luxury skincare brand Cole Skincare for Men as an investor and co-owner through her firm Elevated Strategist. 

The project she’s most proud of? Creating the Single Mom’s Awards. 

Through the Single Mom’s Awards, Single Moms Planet has celebrated the amazing achievements of single moms who have built success in business and inspired other single moms around the world. Honorees have included Anastasia Sores, owner of Anastasia of Beverly Hills; Shanna Moakler, former Miss USA; and Garcelle Beauvais, actress and television personality.

“This has been one of my greatest passion projects to date,” describes Neferteri. “For five years I’ve had the pleasure of highlighting notable single mothers in business and the corporations that support them. Coupled with the ‘Smart Mommy, Smart Money’ live and online conference that educates over 10,000 women globally each year, this has been a powerful project that not only supports women and children but also creates economic well-being in families.” 

One thing to know about Neferteri is she is absolutely brimming with valuable advice. Wish as we may to share it all, we’ll leave you with this: 

“Learn from the people around you, both the great things they’ve accomplished and their failures. Create a world where mentors and coaches are part of your life structure. Own your worth and never be afraid to ask for what you want.”

Photos by Adam Battaglia. Styled by Royalle Crutchfield. Production by Drew Ganyer. Creative Direction: Future Giants. Location: Pop’s Classic Car Garage.