AK’s Downtempo Tunes are Smokin’ – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

AK‘s Downtempo Tunes are Smokin’: Ambient electronic artist AK started producing electronic music when he was about 14, but started to get serious about it in the last two years of high school. He was born in the Netherlands, but currently resides in Germany.

“I lived in the Netherlands between ages 14-18, and I remember perceiving the electronic music scene as being very vibrant back then,” he says. “When I moved back to Germany, I felt like there was a lot less going on in terms of electronic music, but that’s because I wasn’t looking in the right places. There are a ton of Germans that are active in the scene right now!”

The producer describes his sound as “downtempo.”

“I really enjoy mixing digital and “organic” (recorded) sounds, because I enjoy the challenge of incorporating everyday sounds into my music,” he says. “I also think it makes my music more human/personal, since it allows people to listen to sounds that are unique to the environment I’m surrounded by.”

AK’s new single is “Smoke,” an extremely chill little beast.

“When I wrote the song in 2020, I tried to capture how I felt about the current state of the world, climate change in particular,” he says. “The title ‘Smoke’ metaphorically stands for a symptom of something having gone wrong, while the hopeful mood of the track tries to indicate that things can still be steered into a different direction.”

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, AK is planning to release more music.

“I’ve got more singles planned for later this year, and I’m also contemplating whether or not I want to do another EP/Album this year,” he says.

AK’s Downtempo Tunes are Smokin’: The single “Smoke” is out now.