More Music is Medicine for Elohim with Livestream – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版
More Music is Medicine for Elohim: Elohim performs another Music is Medicine show on Wednesday.

Back in October 2019, she described her sound for us: “It definitely leans electronic — I sort of got invited into this EDM world. There were fans in that world and they embraced me. It’s been a really awesome blessing because it wasn’t anticipated. I just thought I’m more alternative. The EDM lane is so cool because the crowds are amazing, they love music. It’s cool to be the only female artist out there that’s playing and singing, not DJing. Everyone else getting on the stage is all DJs.”

She also detailed her battles with depression in that interview. That might explain the name of this gig as well as her recent single “Good Day Bad Day.”