Lexy Panterra and Trina Get Their Own Back – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

Lexy Panterra and Trina Get Their Own Back: Lexy Panterra and Trina have collaborated on a risqué new single called “Booty on Her.” The message of the song is pretty self-explanatory. “Booty on her, she’s got some booty on her,” coos a dude, before Panterra comes back with a stern “I know!”

According to the press release: “The single comes to us off of her long-awaited album which is set to release at the year’s end titled Money, Sex And Love Songs.The album will display Lexy’s versatility as a true musician, including a mix of hits from ‘Virgin Lex,’ Lexy’s fun and care-free alter ego, who is responsible for the more upbeat, fun, hip-hop songs, as well as ballads from Panterra herself, displaying her chops as a singer in acoustic form, a side not enough people know about her yet.”

Good to know. Meanwhile, the video for this song sees Panterra and Trina twerking joyfully, and explaining why every guy wants what they have. Check it out below.

Lexy Panterra and Trina Get Their Own Back: The “Booty on Her” single is out now.