Adam Melchor Recalls a John Mayer experience. – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

New Jersey-born, L.A.-based singer and songwriter Adam Melchor told us about his John Mayer experience.

Adam Melchor: The best gig I ever saw was John Mayer at Madison Square Garden. My four friends and I went while we were in high school. We bought the cheapest tickets which were in the upper level BEHIND the stage, just so we can see the back of John’s sweet head play some guitar riffs. We get to the entrance of our section and a woman in an all-access pass comes up to my friend Kevin and says “are you big John Mayer fans?” and Kevin replies, “The biggest.”

After a bit of small talk she asks, “where are you sitting? can I see your tickets?” We hand her the tickets and she rips them up. She says, “where do you wanna sit tonight?” and being very humble kids, one of us said “the first level.” She hands us 4 tickets and says “have a great night.”

Turns out John Mayer was saving ten front row tickets for his die-hard fans in the upper levels and we just happened to snag four of them. I remember just turning my head from time to time to imagine seeing what John saw on stage, and it’s something I’ll never forget.

Adam Melchor’s “Begin Again” single and Melchor Lullaby Hotline, Vol. 1 album are out now.