2022 年加州新法上路,15 个生活小改变你必须知道 – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

时光飞逝,2022 年就在眼前!明年开始,加州有多项新法令颁布。身为加州居民必须好好认识一下这些新规定,除了知道自己有哪些权利,更重要的是避免不幸误触法律,那就得不偿失啦!

新政策真的洋洋洒洒一长串,以下是 LAWA 选出 15 条跟我们日常生活(包含选票、冰箱、最低工资和毛小孩等)最有关的新政策,大家要多注意喔:

1. Electronic cigarettes will be subject to a new tax as of July 1, 2022 to be paid by purchasers, equal to 12.5% of the sales price. The proceeds will go to public health and education programs.

2. Cosmetics manufacturers must disclose fragrance and flavor ingredients that could pose a health hazard, information the state will display through an online database.

3. As many as four housing units can be built on single-family lots in some California communities under a hotly debated new law that limits opposition by local officials.

4. Removing a condom without a sexual partner’s consent can be punished as sexual battery under state criminal law.

5. Courts can now use state income tax records, along with voting and driver license registration, to call someone for jury duty.

6. Most refrigerators sold to California consumers can no longer use hydrofluorocarbons in their cooling systems, with the ban extending to all refrigerators in 2023.

7. California’s minimum wage rises to $15 per hour, the final step in a six-year process. Businesses with 25 or fewer workers will have an additional year to comply and must raise their minimum wage to $14 per hour.

8. California’s four-year phase-in of universal transitional kindergarten begins this summer, offering public school classes to children who will have their fifth birthday between Sept. 2 and Feb. 2.

9. By the fall, public schools and colleges must stock their restrooms with free menstrual products.

10. Voters in all statewide elections, regardless of whether they signed up for absentee voting, will receive a ballot in the mail. Those who still want to vote in person can do so by surrendering the mailed ballot at a voting location.

11. Sellers of olive oil marketed as being from California must include on the label the percentage of the product made from olives grown in the state.

12. Beginning in June, restaurants must only provide single-use utensils and packets or cups of condiment sauces on request, similar to the existing law on single-use plastic straws.

13. Food delivery apps must itemize all fees charged above the restaurant’s menu price and to pay tips given to drivers or the restaurant.

14. Beginning in July, businesses offering online subscriptions must allow consumers to cancel any time and without further steps such as taking a lengthy survey. In addition, businesses must notify consumers before free trials and promotions lasting longer than 31 days expire and before annual subscriptions automatically renew.

15. The state will allow veterinarians to operate community canine blood banks to provide supplies for ailing pets, while setting timelines to eventually phase out the controversial use of blood drawn from caged dogs in pet hospitals.