The LA Art Show is BACK on July 29th! – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

The LA Art Show, the most comprehensive international contemporary art show in America, is honored to officially kick-off the city’s 2021 art season at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 29, 2021, running through August 1, 2021. This special Summer Edition–on the heels of the landmark 25 year anniversary–takes a closer look at some of the latest technological trends in the art world, while still offering a traditional lens for art from around the globe. 

In order to best cater to their loyal and large fan base, the LA Art Show has developed some unique programming to highlight some of the most interesting advancements in art including AR, VR, and NFTs, providing visitors a space to observe, learn, and enjoy. This new programming, in addition to the design and more classic mediums the show is known for, was designed with the viewers in mind, exposing people to something new and making digital art and technology more accessible. With this, the LA Art Show will be the first LIVE show to join the NFT conversation!

Capital with Blue, Red Gan Painting – Vellum LA_Marjan Moghaddam

In order to present the most striking and comprehensive NFT debut, the LA Art Show welcomes Vellum LA, the first physical gallery for NFT-backed digital art in Los Angeles, ahead of their launch in September. Crafting the optimal first impression, Vellum LA presents Sea Change, a physical NFT exhibition in partnership with SuperRare, the show’s official marketplace partner. Sea Change will feature the works of 12 new media artists, whose work embraces our inevitable technological immersion, exploring the new language, materiality, and logic of the metaverse. Although NFTs have been around for a while now, what the technology patrons will see is brand new, featuring state-of-the-art StandardVision LumaCanvas displays developed specifically for Sea Change and designed to be the first ever collector/museum-grade digital art display canvases. 

Sitting among the exciting additions and traditional staples, we have the return of DIVERSEartLA, an important and highly-anticipated part of the show curated by Marisa Caichiolo. This part of the show will focus on the presence, contributions, research, and documentation of women and technology at the forefront of work at the intersection of art, science, and technology, represented by guest museums and institutions. Exploring DIVERSEartLA has the feel of exploring a museum, a museum that highlights and elevates female artists, examining science and technology through this lens. Continuing the theme of juxtaposing old and new, this fan-favorite section will expand upon previous years into new, more interactive and technological ground. The most unconventional and anticipated contribution to the section is Tiffany Trenda, a multidisciplinary performance artist who is working with DIVERSEartLA to safely bring live performance to the art fair, allowing each person to interact with her in real-time via volumetric video recording.

Baisser at Mary Boone with GAN Collage Paintings Marjan Moghaddam

The 2021 roster would not be complete without the return of some of the LA Art Show’s favorite galleries including LA’s own Track-16. Arcadia Contemporary, Caldwell Snyder Gallery, Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, and Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery from London for the lineup of Modern + Contemporary. The show will once again have an international presence with the Pigment Gallery returning from Spain, In The Gallery returning from Denmark, and work from Gallery KITAI in Japan, just to name a few.

The LA Art Show is excited to once again interact with the community in a safe way, welcoming back old friends and joining new ones for the first time. Make sure to get your tickets ahead of time, to not only ensure your place at the show, but also to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital, who will be receiving 15% of all ticket sales. Please visit www.LAArtShow.com to learn more. 

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