Omakase Berries At Destroyer and Vegandale – Here’s What’s Popping Up – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

Oishii, the company behind the world’s largest indoor vertical strawberry farm known for their Omakase Berries, makes its Los Angeles debut this week at Jordan Kahn’s Destroyer in Culver City. Dubbed “The Tesla of Strawberries,” Oishii has officially opened its first indoor vertical strawberry farm in Los Angeles.

The Omakase Berries are created by combining ancient Japanese techniques with state-of-the-art technology. Oishii is the world’s largest vertical farm specializing in pollinated fruits and vegetables, specifically strawberries. Meaning “delicious” in Japanese, Oishii is known for its Japanese varietal known for its sweetness, creamy texture and aroma. Available year-round, the berries start out white, then transform into orange and pink hues as they ripen. The hyper locally grown produce is clean, fresh, and carbon neutral.

Photo : oishii,berry

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