Dreaming Big with Diana Madison – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版
Diana Madison knows what she wants. Organized and to the point, an interview with her is every journalist’s dream. 

For those out of the loop: “I am an actress, producer and the CEO of Diana Madison Beauty,” she describes. “I recently sold my digital studio that I created out of my parents garage which was an exciting accomplishment.”

Humble as ever, that garage digital studio she describes is Shandy Media. A talented digital production company she co-founded that owned three popular YouTube channels with over four million engaged subscribers.  

Today, she’s readying herself for something even bigger. 

“Now I am getting ready to film my second movie I Love Us, and launch my second product with my beauty brand,” she shares excitedly. “When I started the beauty brand, the philanthropy aspect was very important to me. One dollar of every product sold goes to a charity that I choose quarterly. Most recently, I donated 100 percent of our sales to the Armenia Fund to provide necessities to the people displaced due to the war in Armenia and Arstakh.”

A proud Armenian herself, being able to use the platform she has built so studiously to give back to those in need has been of utmost importance to the philanthropic entrepreneur. 

“I also have my podcast, DREAM BIG, which you can hear weekly on iTunes,” she continues. “I interview some of the biggest entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders and actors/actresses about how they’ve created their empires.”

Establishing oneself as a beauty influencer, businesswoman, and within the film industry is no easy feat. How did Diana do it? 

“I have been working for this moment my entire life,” she answers. “Over the past 14 years, I’ve paid my dues in this industry. I wish I could say my journey has been an easy one, but the truth is, I have dealt with a lot of rejection and failures. The thing that has kept me going after all these years is my passion and drive. I love creating – I am a creator and a storyteller, and whether I’m acting or selling my beauty products, I am telling a story.” 

2020 has been a strange year for business, but for this undeterred creator, it’s given her the time and space to make her next big dream a reality. 

“In the next couple of months, I will be announcing the launch of my production company,” Diana shares. “I plan to create movies and shows dedicated to females and ethnic voices like myself. My first project with this company will be a show I wrote about Armenians in Los Angeles, in which I will play the lead role.”

“I am excited to show the world a show that will have an ethnic minority as the main lead – something we don’t really see often. I hope to change the way Hollywood sees women and ethnic voices through the stories that I will be telling with my work,” she continues. “In the next 10 years, I hope to have my own studio where I will be creating long-form content, from movies to documentaries to scripted shows.”

As a successful woman in business, did she ever feel taken for granted? 

“Till this day, people are confused about how, as a woman, I can be so successful and a mother of two, and yet still have the same hunger I did when I was 18 – to keep on creating opportunities, projects and goals for myself,” she answers. “For me, it’s frustrating when I get told, ‘You’re good, you’ve done enough.’ People don’t understand my philosophy. I am a creator, and the day I stop creating things is the day that I die. I love my work and I am so passionate about my family; I don’t feel like you need to choose one or the other.”

“It’s a modern age, and in my opinion, you can do it all if you want to,” she says. “Women today are breaking barriers and I am so proud to be a woman in this day and age.”

Her advice? 

“Never stop believing in yourself. Your flaws can be your superpower and an avenue for success,” she advises. “I also believe in DREAMING BIG, hence the name of my podcast. Always believe in the beauty of your dreams and don’t stop working for them. Through hard work, perseverance and passion, anything is possible.”

Photos by Adam Battaglia. Styled by Royalle Crutchfield. Production by Drew Ganyer. Creative Direction: Future Giants. Location: Pop’s Classic Car Garage.