Peking Duk Experiments with Chemicals – 洛杉矶周报 – 亚洲版

Peking Duk Experiments with Chemicals: Australian duo Peking Duk say that they started DJing in 2010, and then producing shortly afterwards.

“From the get go we really just wanted to explore further and deeper in to the primal, grimy crookers style electro house that was popping at that time,” says Adam Hyde. “We kept rolling with it and all of a sudden we’re here in 2021 doing the same thing!”

The two men met at a skatepark at the age of 14.

“We realised we had both dated the same girl then quickly became mates,” says Reuben Styles. “We both shredded guitar throughout our teenage years. Toward our later teen years I was in an indie rock band whilst Adam was in a hip-hop duo. We went to a party at a nightclub where we discovered electronic music, the style at the time was called fidget house. It immediately got us hooked on electronic music and so we bought laptops and started making computer music. Together we embarked on a computer music journey through space and before we knew it, we had songs ready to put on beatport.”

They describe their sound as, “a blend of melancholic euphoria bottled up in an ice cold can to sip on in the sunshine whilst dancing so hard you feel like you might have run out of sweat. It’s music you can dance to, cry to, dance whilst crying to and most of all sweat to.” Meanwhile, the new single is “Chemicals.”

“It’s about the anguish one goes through when they are obsessed with someone or something,” says Styles. “When you’re so obsessed it’s unhealthy, and can often lead to pushing the thing you want further away. The heartbreak in the words and euphoria in the synths share a great passage together on this little journey.”

Hyde says that there’s a lot more music to come this year.

“During lockdown we dug deep and stayed in the studio writing new music every day so we can’t wait to share everything we’ve made,” he says. “We have a whole new live show that we can’t wait to take to the states too! As soon as the borders open up we are there.”

Peking Duk Experiments with Chemicals: The “Chemicals” single is out now.